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Until you've visited Yad LaKashish, your tour of Jerusalem is not complete

Each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world come to meet the inspiring elderly artisans at Yad LaKashish| Lifeline for the Old. Here, they witness first-hand the unique way in which we support and empower Jerusalem's elderly population. "This was the highlight of our trip," is a common phrase heard with each visiting group.

Our free tour is unique in that it offers visitors the opportunity to hear about the history and work of Yad LaKashish, experience tzedakah in action, and shop handmade gifts all in one place. Visitors get to see our beautiful hand-crafted items being produced by the elderly artisans in the various workshops and often leave with a new appreciation for the abilities of the elderly. 

We offer free tours Sunday - Thursday from 8:30am to 12:00pm. 

NOW OFFERING: New activities to enhance your visit!

     HANDS-ON: Work with the artisans to create beautiful souvenir crafts to take home. 
     CHEVRUTA: Uncover Jewish wisdom on aging and tzedaka through traditional text. 
     CELEBRATE: Combine your simcha with a meaningful tour of Yad LaKashish. 

           **Fees may apply. For groups of 15 or more. 

Contact us to schedule a tour. 

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