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Cancellation Policy

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1. Definitions
1.1. "COOKIES" - text files created by the browser according to a command from the company computers, which are stored on the computer hard drive. These files contain, among other things, varied information such as the pages visited by the user, the length of time he spent on the site, where he came to the site, sections and information that the user wishes to see when entering the site,
1.2. "Order Confirmation" - is as specified in Section 2.1 below;
1.3. "Site" means the Website at and all pages related to the same domain and / or other domain owned by the Company, including any content and landing pages displayed under a Domain Sub-Domain Owned by the Company;
1.4. "Notice of Change and / or Cancellation by the Procurer" - is as specified in Section 4.2 below;
1.5. "Invitation" - is as specified in Section 2.1 below;
1.6. The Company, its employees, its managers, consultants, subcontractors employed by it, including its suppliers, agents, coffee shop operators and / or suppliers Rental of equipment for events, anyone acting on behalf of the Company in connection with its operations on the Site, including its founders, operators, managers and / or anyone acting on behalf of all of the above;
1.7. "The Protection of Privacy Law" - the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, as amended from time to time;
1.8. "Consumer Protection Law" - the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, as amended from time to time;
1.9. "The statute of limitations" - the statute of limitations, 5718-1958 and the regulations that will be enacted by virtue thereof, to the extent that they shall be enacted, as they shall be amended from time to time;
1.10. "Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting)" - the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) Law, 5742-1982, and the regulations promulgated thereunder, as amended from time to time;
1.11. "Delivery Date" - is as specified in Section 2.1 below;
1.12. "Products" - products offered for sale by the Company on the Site, as may be from time to time;
1.13. "Invited products" - are as specified in section 2.1 below;
1.14. "The Client" - a user, whether acting on its own behalf or on behalf of a corporation and / or any body that orders products on the site as specified in section 2.1, whether or not its order was approved as stated in section 2.2, ;
1.15. "Place of supply" - is as specified in section 2.1 below;
1.16. "Alternative delivery" - is as specified in section 2.1 below;
1.17. "User" or "User of the Site" - a person, whether acting on its own behalf or on behalf of a corporation and / or any body, making use of any kind on the Site for any purpose, including for the purpose of ordering products of the Company.
1.18. "Distribution cities" - are as detailed in section 3.7 below;
1.19. "Permitted use" - is as specified in section 7.4 below;
1.20. "Commercial use" - inter alia, publication or sale offer, conducting surveys, distribution of marketing content and other such activities for public use;
1.21. "Third Party Content" - is as detailed in Section 7.3 below;
1.22. "The Bylaws" or "Terms of Use" - the Terms and Conditions of use of the Site as detailed below, as amended from time to time;
2. Orders
2.1. make an order. It is possible to place orders on the site ("Order") using the "Online Shopping" tab by selecting the requested products and adding them to the shopping basket using the "Add to Cart" button. After completing the shopping basket, fill in the details required for the shipment, including the place of supply ("place of delivery") and the date of supply ("delivery date") and special notes for the company. The completion of the order will be carried out after the details are submitted to the customer's identification (on first purchase the user will be required to register for the site and will be asked to create a user name and password that will be used in his subsequent purchases on the site), including a telephone number through which the company representatives contacted the customer Invitation "). It is hereby clarified that if the User does not provide all the details required on the Site and / or the representatives of the Company, the Order can not be completed, and the Client shall have no right, demand, claim and / or claim against the Company.
2.2. Order Confirmation. An order confirmation will be sent to the customer by e-mail according to the address given by the customer at the time of making the order. It is hereby clarified that receipt of the said approval regarding the making of the order does not constitute a confirmation by the Company of the availability of any component of the order, including the details of the shipment for the delivery of the order, and the Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel orders that it is unable to supply on the requested date and / Contact the customer for the purpose of changing the order details, as stated in Section 4.3 below.
2.3. Payment for an order; Refund. Payment for orders will be made by credit card only to private customers or by credit card or credit card to business customers. A refund, if applicable, will be made by credit card credit for which the ordered products were purchased.
2.4. Online payment. Without derogating from the generality of the contents of these Articles, subject to the provisions of any law, the Company reserves the right to change the reservation mechanism at the site in the future, including by integrating the possibility of completing the order on the site without receiving a telephone confirmation from the Company's representatives.
2.5. Prices. All prices are

עוד מאותו נושא
Our Story
Jerusalem was divided and besieged with social and economic challenges. There was no time to think about how to help the elderly, let alone how they could contribute to the young state.

Myriam Mendilow, a school teacher, was distraught by the elderly’s loss of self-respect as well as by her students’ disrespectful attitude toward them. She decided to take action. 

Inspired by one of the pillars of tzedaka, helping others help themselves, she opened a small bookbinding workshop where eight local elderly men were trained in the craft. Local schools brought tattered books from their libraries to the workshop, and for a small fee, the elderly rebound the books. The children started to bond with the elderly, and soon the group of beggars rediscovered that even in their old age, they had something to contribute to society. Almost 60 years later, Yad LaKashish has expanded to 10 workshops and nearly 300 elderly.
For 27 years, Myriam led the organization with vision and passion. Upon her passing, Nava Ein Mor was selected to continue Myriam’s mission. Under her direction, Yad LaKashish expanded its local and global impact; the number of elderly artisans doubled and acquisition of the campus in which Yad LaKashish operates was completed. After 28 years of dedicated leadership, Nava retired and in December 2017 and passed the baton to Ariela Schwartz-Zur, who was her deputy director for more than a decade.

Yad LaKashish is proud to have pioneered a model of positive aging, and nearly 60 years later we continue to create a space where the elderly can remain active, contributing members of society.
קרא עוד
Our Mission

What We Do
Since 1962, Yad LaKashish has provided creative work opportunities for thousands of Jerusalem’s most deserving  elderly residents. In addition to a monthly stipend, Yad LaKashish participants are entitled to a comprehensive package of social and financial benefits, including an unlimited monthly bus pass, a daily communal and nutritious meal, and access to dental care subsidies. The elderly at Yad LaKashish, many of whom do not have nearby family, also gain a sense of community and belonging.
While our focus is on empowering the elderly, Yad LaKashish is dedicated to making an impact on the attitudes of the younger generation towards seniors. Our tour provides a platform to show young people that elderly members of society can be active contributors to the community. 
Who We Serve
The majority of program participants are Jewish immigrants from the FSU, Ethiopia, South America and Iran, many of whom survived the Holocaust, others walking across the Sudan to save their families from war and famine.

Upon arrival in Israel, they faced significant economic and social challenges. They struggled to find meaningful work given their advanced age and lack of basic Hebrew, and suffered from isolation and food insecurity.

Yad LaKashish was created to offer these struggling seniors an opportunity to once again become contributing members of society. Program participants receive on-the-job training by professional artists and become part of a team in their designated craft, and beyond that, of a community of fellow elderly artisans. Together, they produce a wide array of items that are sold in our gift shop, the proceeds of which are invested back into our operation.

While the financial support is significant for them, the most important benefits they gain are not material: independence, a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth, dignity, well-being and belonging.

“Do not cast me off in old age; when my strength fails, do not forsake me!" - Psalms 71:9
קרא עוד
Message from Our Director
It is my great privilege to be the Executive Director of Yad LaKashish, a Jerusalem-based non-profit at the forefront of social and financial advocacy for the elderly.

Since its establishment in 1962, two goals have guided Yad LaKashish's activities: to empower needy elderly to be active, contributing citizens; and to advance positive attitudes in the community at large about the elderly and their place in society.

The success of our unique model for positive aging is reflected in the considerable acclaim it has received, both in Israel and overseas; the enthusiastic feedback from visitors, who leave with a new-found appreciation for the elderly and their capabilities; and, most importantly, in the commitment of our elderly artisans, who gather day in, day out to create beautiful handmade items to a high standard.

Drop by for a visit, browse our on-site or online gift shop, and join us in advancing a more equitable and just world.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Ariela (Relly) Schwartz-Zur
Executive Director
קרא עוד
Gideon Neumann | Chairman
Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors are veteran volunteers who are significantly involved with the daily activities at Yad LaKashish:

Gideon Neumann - chairman
Dr. Yehuda Geva
Vardit Schwartz
Rivka Reich

A letter from our chairman:

Dear Friends,

For the past 60 years, Yad LaKashish has offered creative work opportunities in a warm and empowering community environment to thousands of needy elderly.
The social and financial support that we provide gives our elderly artisans a reason to get up in the morning, and helps them live their golden years with a sense of purpose and dignity.
You, our friends and partners, can directly influence and improve the quality of life of the elderly as they continue to cope with the challenges of well being in their advanced age.
Visit our artisan workshops, purchase beautiful handicrafts, witness the pride our elderly take in each of their creations and find inspiration in a place that is like no other.

קרא עוד
Carla Harman | President
Friends of Yad LaKashish
קרא עוד
Our Partners
The Jewish Federation of the Berkshires
The Jewish Federation of Broward County
The Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine
The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples
The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey
The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach
The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
The Jewish Federation of Greater Rockford
Foundations and Private Organizations:
IFCJ – International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Alpha-Omega Foundation Canada
Arkin Foundation
Checkpoint Foundation
Colef Fund
Fresh Leaf Foundation
City of Jerusalem
Harry Kramer Memorial Fund
Sephardic Foundation on Aging
Memory of the Shoah Foundation
קרא עוד
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