Day trip/Tiyul to the North of Israel

As is custom, our needy, elderly artisans headed off for a well-deserved day trip away from our arts & crafts workshops. This year, our trip was to the north of Israel, where our artisans could enjoy a change of pace, scenery and climate.

In addition to the obvious charm of an outing with some of Israel's finest scenery as their backdrop, the tiyul is a meaningful experience for our needy, elderly as they rarely get the opportunity to travel as it is prohibitively expensive for them.

The day includes a stroll along the beach of Caesaria, and a visit to the Ralli museum which hosts a collection of Latin-American and Spanish paintings and sculptures. Our artisans enjoyed seeing different aspects of art, and who knows, might even use their new-found inspiration when they return to the workshops!

The artisans also enjoyed a guided tour (in Russian & hebrew) of Ramat HaNadiv, the nature reserve that serves as a living memorial to Baron Edmund De Rothschild who is remembered as a major figure in the establishment of the state of Israel. The reserve boasts a rose garden, a fragrance garden which is targetted toward those with sight-impairments, a palm garden and a cascade garden.

Last, but definitely not least, the day out included a meaty meal at a restaurant in Hadera. Eating out is not a regular occurence for our low-income participants, so it felt like a treat and was certainly enjoyed by all.


New Workshop


Yad LaKashish New Rehabilitation Workshop is Ready!

If you’ve visited Yad LaKashish in person, you’ve seen the complex of private apartments that we’ve been able to turn into our campus. The warm, homey feel of old Jerusalem stone, combined with the lush greenery of our courtyard space combines beautifully into an inviting welcome. The re-design of our Rehabilitation Workshop continues the aesthetic as well as the functionality we’ve built into all our workshops.

We've spent the past year renovating the Rehabilitation Workshop, uncovering beautiful high-arched ceilings and large windows, allowing for a bright and warm workshop that our elderly workers love. The space originally got its name as the one area that allowed the elderly with significant physical limitations to enter our buildings without having to navigate physical impediments.

With the completion of this new workshop, we can offer virtually obstacle-free entry to this ground-floor workshop without windy steps, narrow doorways, or long stairways. Many of our participants use walkers and stabilized canes, and our renovations preserve the architecture and spirit of the original architecture in a way that accommodates their present-day needs.

We hope that you will come by and see all the changes on your next visit to Yad LaKashish!

Annual Day Trip to Beit Shean

In Israel, most workplaces have periodic trips and tours together as a bonding experience for the employees and a reward for hard work. Yad LaKashish is no different. Every year, Yad LaKashish organizes a day trip for the elderly artisans free of charge to various cities and attractions around the country. Many of the elderly who come to Yad LaKashish every day have not had the chance to tour in Israel very much, since on their own, they are not able to afford a trip to another part of the country, not to mention a tour with a real tour guide.

At Yad LaKashish we give them the chance to go somewhere new once a year as part of the programs and benefits we provide the elderly with. We believe these trips contribute to the sense of community we are trying to foster at Yad LaKashish and offer a chance to get to know Israel from a historical and geographical point of view.

This year's destination for the annual day trip was the historical site of Beit Shean. Many of the elderly had never been in the Jordan Valley area, and they were very interested to learn about the sites they have visited. The trip was led by a professional guide in Russian, accompanied by a translation to Hebrew, so that everyone could understand the explanations.

The group visited the Naharayim Park, also known as the Island of Peace. Then the group went to the national park of Beit Shean. This archeological site encompasses the magnificent remains and splendor of the Roman and Byzantine Beit Shean.

Of course, the day would not be complete without a delicious lunch out at a quality Beit Shean restaurant. The artisans very much enjoyed the food and atmosphere, especially since eating out at restaurants is not a common occurrence for most of them.

For the elderly artisans, it was a welcome change of pace, an opportunity to go on the kind of trip most of them would not go on otherwise, and a bonding experience with the other artisans. They returned with new energies and a burst of creativity, expressed in the amazing works of art they produce. In the words of David Lulav from the Paper Mache workshop, "the trip was amazing and we got to know another side of the beautiful Eretz Israel. The trip has exceeded our expectations". 


Every day, more than 300 elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents depend on Yad LaKashish to make their Golden Years shine.




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