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Until you've visited Yad LaKashish, your tour of Jerusalem is not complete. Come spend time with our elderly and disabled artisans, and share stories and smiles along the way.

Each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world come to meet the inspiring elderly artisans at Yad LaKashish: Lifeline for the Old. Here, they witness first-hand the unique way in which we support and empower Jerusalem's elderly population. "This was the highlight of our trip," is a common phrase heard with each visiting group.

Synagogues, churches, schools, missions, youth groups, special programs, families and individuals of all ages come to take a tour of our workshops and purchase gift items in our gift shop.

The free tours offer visitors an opportunity to hear about the history and work of Yad LaKashish, and to see before their eyes the beautiful hand-crafted items being produced by the elderly artisans in the various workshops. In this way, visitors leave with a new appreciation for the abilities of the elderly.

However, the tours serve another purpose as well. Every visitor who comes to Yad LaKashish adds to the feeling of pride and accomplishment of the elderly artisans. The visitors, simply by taking a tour, are contributing to the message of "Tzedaka in Action." Often, visitors will strike up conversations with the elderly artisans and occasionally even break out in song! The inter-generational experience truly makes a lasting impression on the visitors and the elderly alike.

Our workshops are open for tours from Sunday through Thursday, 8:30am to 12:00pm.

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Every day, more than 300 elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents depend on Yad LaKashish to make their Golden Years shine.




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