Benefits & Services

The elderly at Yad LaKashish: Lifeline for the Old come from Israel’s neediest population and therefore face significant financial, social, physical, and emotional challenges. Yad LaKashish helps them to meet these challenges by offering a comprehensive array of support services within a warm community framework.

Although Yad LaKashish is not supported by government agencies, thousands of needy elderly Jerusalemites were successfully integrated into society by the organization over the past five decades.

In addition to our unique program which provides creative work opportunities and inter-generational connections, we also provide the elderly with the following as part of our comprehensive support system:

  • Stipend & Holiday Bonuses - Many of our visitors ask us if the elderly pay to take part in the Yad LaKashish program. The answer is: on the contrary, they are paid a monthly stipend for their work. The stipend is of real value to people who are struggling on meager state benefits, and also adds to the dignity of the position. Before the major Jewish holidays, the elderly artisans receive a monetary gift of 1000 shekels (approximately $270), which is a significant sum that helps them celebrate the holidays.

  • Meals - Many of our elderly have neither the means nor the ability to cook for themselves. The nutritious and appetizing free lunch which is available to all helps them stay healthy and full of energy. It also provides the elderly with another opportunity to socialize with their friends. The lunch is in addition to the free mid morning snack given to all the elderly.

  • Transportation - Yad LaKashish wants to ensure that it is as easy as possible for the elderly to come to work every day and to lead independent lives. We therefore give every elderly artisan a monthly bus pass, allowing them free travel both to Yad LaKashish and to anywhere in Jerusalem throughout the year.

  • Subsidized Dental Care - The pain of untreated dental problems is often extremely debilitating,and prevents the sufferer from eating properly. Knowing that this can be very dangerous in the case of an elderly person, we provide subsidized dental care to any of our elderly who need treatment throughout the year. 

  • Getaways - Once a year, Yad LaKashish takes all the elderly artisans on a free day trip. This enables our elderly to get out of Jerusalem and visit some of Israel’s many attractions in a safe and caring environment together with their friends from Yad LaKashish.


Every day, more than 300 elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents depend on Yad LaKashish to make their Golden Years shine.




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