Programs & Services

The elderly artisans worked in a full range of professions before they retired, ranging from engineers to shopkeepers to surgeons to farmers. However, very few had any artistic background. Each elderly receives on-the-job training and supervision in producing beautiful, high-quality Judaica and craft items. The work environment at Yad LaKashish: Lifeline for the Old is adapted to suit the capacities and limitations of each person, emphasizing the idea of acceptance of each individual, regardless of his or her difficulties.

The unique high-quality crafts created in the various workshops are sold in the world-famous Gift Shop. The sale of a gift item serves two functions: 1) to provide the elderly artisans with a sense of dignity for their work; and 2) to earn revenue that helps finance our program.

Every year thousands of visitors of all ages from around the world come to Yad LaKashish: Lifeline for the Old to meet the elderly workers and witness Tzedakah in Action. We endeavor to create a meeting ground for the young and old, where both visitors and volunteers can interact with, and learn from the elderly.


Every day, more than 300 elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents depend on Yad LaKashish to make their Golden Years shine.




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