Facts and Figures

In a 2010 independent evaluation of Yad LaKashish, researchers found that Yad LaKashish “improves the physical and mental health of its elderly workers in a palpable manner which they almost all feel, and support the findings of many research studies about the need to remain creative and active at old age.”

About the Elderly at Yad LaKashish:

  • 90% of the elderly at Yad LaKashish are immigrants who came to Israel in the last 20 years, most are over 75 years old, and about 40% are over 80.
  • 30% of the elderly have worked at Yad LaKashish for more than 10 years and there are about 45 who have worked there since the early 1990s .
  • 50% of the elderly are single and 25% meet relatives only on Jewish holidays.
  • 96.6% of the elderly receive social security allowances (indicating that they are in the lowest socio-economic sector of Israeli society).
  • 100% of the elderly go to Yad LaKashish every day, or almost every day.


Opinions of the Elderly About Yad LaKashish:

  • 77% of the elderly mentioned “company/communication with people” when asked what were the two most important things that Yad LaKashish provides.
  • 80% of the elderly said that Yad LaKashish helped to give them “a sense of belonging to the rest of society,” with “realizing personal aspirations” and with their “self-confidence.’
  • 70% agreed that it helped them “establish close personal relationships,” to “relate confidently to prevailing social values and beliefs” and to “maintain a satisfactory coherence among their personal values and beliefs.”
  • 85% of the elderly stated that Yad LaKashish enables them to enjoy “good health,” 93% of the elderly workers reported that Yad Lakashish contributed to a "large extent to their mental health”, and 93% reported that Yad LaKashish contributed “to a large extent to their “peace of mind.”
  • 96% of the elderly felt that their work gave them an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from countries other than theirs.
  • 87.5% of the elderly lunch program participants think that eating lunch at Yad LaKashish “makes life easier.”
  • 90% of the elderly stated that Yad LaKashish gave interest and content to their lives and about 80% felt Yad LaKashish added to their self esteem or sense of pride.
  • 95.5% of the elderly said that they would recommend Yad LaKashish to their friends.


Visitors’ Responses to Yad LaKashish:

  • Almost 50% of the overseas visitors to Yad LaKashish reported that their visit had “changed their attitudes to elderly people.”
  • About 50% made affective comments ("wonderful", "great place," etc.) The other 50% made objective comments: "very important place", "very advanced concept," etc.
  • 97% defined the quality of the products as “excellent.”

Read the complete DAS International evaluation . . .


Every day, more than 300 elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents depend on Yad LaKashish to make their Golden Years shine.




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