Mezuzah Cases


Silk-Painted Mezuzah Silk-Painted Mezuzah Price:$12.00 Pomegranate Embroidered Mezuzah Pomegranate Embroidered Mezuzah Price:$21.00
Wood and Metal Mezuzah Case Wood and Metal Mezuzah Case Price:$21.00 Ethiopian Embroidery Mezuzah Ethiopian Embroidery Mezuzah Price:$21.00
Springtime Mezuzah Springtime Mezuzah Price:$15.00 Embroidered Star Mezuzah Embroidered Star Mezuzah Price:$21.00
Rectangular Jerusalem Ceramic Mezuzah Rectangular Jerusalem Ceramic Mezuzah Price:$15.00 Ladybug Ceramic Mezuzah Ladybug Ceramic Mezuzah Price:$15.00
Giraffe Ceramic Mezuzah Giraffe Ceramic Mezuzah Price:$15.00 Elephant Ceramic Mezuzah Elephant Ceramic Mezuzah Price:$15.00
Indian Flowers Ceramic Mezuzah Indian Flowers Ceramic Mezuzah Price:$15.00 Rounded Jerusalem Ceramic Mezuzah Rounded Jerusalem Ceramic Mezuzah Price:$15.00

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