Paper Mache Cluster Necklace Paper Mache Cluster Necklace Price:$18.00 Ethnic Beaded Ceramic Necklace Ethnic Beaded Ceramic Necklace Price:$18.00
Antelope Pendant Necklace Antelope Pendant Necklace Price:$24.00 Miriam Necklace Miriam Necklace Price:$24.00
Turquoise Ceramic Necklace Turquoise Ceramic Necklace Price:$24.00 Pomegranate Branch Necklace Pomegranate Branch Necklace Price:$36.00
Elegant Paper Bead Necklace Elegant Paper Bead Necklace Price:$19.50 Delicate Link Necklace Delicate Link Necklace Price:$10.50
Double Heart Necklace Double Heart Necklace Price:$21.00 Metal Hoop Necklace Metal Hoop Necklace Price:$30.00
Star of David Necklace Star of David Necklace Price:$21.00 Hamsa Pendant Necklace Hamsa Pendant Necklace Price:$21.00
Metal Bird Pendant Necklace Metal Bird Pendant Necklace Price:$21.00 Colorful Ceramic Bead Necklace Colorful Ceramic Bead Necklace Price:$27.00
Pomegranate Metal Hoop Necklace Pomegranate Metal Hoop Necklace Price:$30.00 Paper Mache Ethnic Pita Necklace Paper Mache Ethnic Pita Necklace Price:$24.00
Genesis Necklace Genesis Necklace Price:$12.00 Rolled Paper Beaded Necklace- Long Rolled Paper Beaded Necklace- Long Price:$21.00
Rolled Paper Beaded Necklace- Short Rolled Paper Beaded Necklace- Short Price:$15.00 Map Necklace Map Necklace Price:$12.00
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